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Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts (Personnel Lifts)

Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts (Personnel Lifts)


  • Self-Propelled Scissor Lift models according to their operating ,altitude: 6m, 8m,
  • 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m. Redressor charge feed 220V AC
  • CE Certifcate
  • TS-EN 280 Conformant Production
  • Steel Construction designed by engineers
  • High quality hydraulic circuit components
  • High quality electric circuit components
  • Joystick controlled electronic circuit control
  • Electronic proportional control through joystick( proportional speed regulation for movement and lifting)
  • Double control system (joystick control inside the basket and push-button ) control system the main body
  • 220V plug socket inside the basket
  • Secure and ergonomic safety rails
  • Rubber flled tires that leave no track behind
  • High maneuverability rotation system
  • High quality steel outer bushing and high quality
  • Teflon coated inner bushing
  • Bushing Grease Nipple
  • Closed type bearings at rotating parts (doesn’t require greasing)
  • Forklift fork bushings for forklift carriage
  • Additional 1m long working fexibility with extensible extra platform
  • Control cables that are hidden inside the scissor
  • Diamond Plate Aliminum platform ground (nonskid)
  • Tool Box inside the basket
  • Front drive system with a hydraulic engine (two front tires)
  • Spring compressed hydraulic released brake system
  • Manuel brake fade system
  • Long-lasting deep cycle accumulator
  • Air-Cooled 24V DC Engine
  • to be able to control everywhere inside the basket with
    fexible joystick control connection
  • Ramp security with a slope sensor
  • Accumulator level indicator (located on the joystick level indicator)


  • Platform fall prevention and platform halt in case of a hoseblast with hose blast valve
  • Overload prevention with security valve
  • Manual basket lowering (hydraulic lowering of the basket in case of a power cut or a power failure)
  • Secure control circuit with 24V DC control circuit
  • Double emergency stop button (inside the basket and on the main body)
  • Lift-of and descending warning system with auditory and visual fashers
  • Tampons around the basket to prevent it from falling
  • Automatic functioning balance throttles under the chassis for the models: 10m, 12m and 14m
  • 4 side opening balance stands for models: 16m and 18m (secure immobilization on uneven grounds with height control)
  • Balance scale inside the basket


  • Optional collapsible safety rails
  • Optional removable basket safety rails
  • Optional 380V plug socket inside the basket
  • Optional rubber isolated carpet on the foor of the basket (electric strength of 34,5KV)
  • Optional side opening legs with electronic control (for 16m and 18m models)
  • Color optional manufacturing in the colors available
  • To be able to follow the working time with optional time counter
December 30, 2019