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Table Lifts (Pallet Load Lifter)

Table Lifts (Pallet Load Lifter)


  • Lift Tables According To Their Lifting Capacity: 250Kg, 500Kg,750Kg, 1000Kg, 1250Kg, 1500 Kg, 1750Kg, 2000 Kg
  • Operation Voltage
  • CE Certifcate
  • TS-EN 280 Conformant Production
  • Steel Construction designed by engineers
  • High quality hydraulic circuit components
  • High quality electric circuit components
  • Electronic Circuit Control With Push Button Control
  • Bushing Grease Nipple
  • Air-Cooled 24V DC Engine
  • Lifting Altitude: 800mm (addition to shut height)
  • Depending on the Model the Shut Height is between 100mm and 175mm
  • Upper Chassis suitable for the pallet, 1400mm Lenght / 1200mm width
  • Easy Loading and Unloading with Custom Design
  • “E”-Type Upper Chassis Design and Electrical Hand Pallet Truck
  • Wheeled power unit that can be removed and carried till 2,5 meters awayfrom the main unit and be put wherever you want to (Hydraulic pump group and electrical panel)
  • Free standing control panel that can be removed and carried till
  • 2,5 meters away from the main unit and be put wherever you want to
  • Protecting the Device by preventing mechanical endurances with Altitude Limiter Switch


  • Platform fall prevention and platform halt in case of a hose blast with hose blast valve
  • Overload prevention with security valve
  • Manual Platform Lowering (hydraulic lowering of the platform in case of a power cut or a power failure)
  • Secure control circuit with 24V DC control circuit
  • Emergency Stop Button at the Control Box
  • Preventing the legs from jamming with leg protection system
  • Cable Spiral for Protecting the cables between wheeled power unit,
  • Free standing control panel and main unit


  • Optional 220V AC Operation Voltage
  • Optional Rectangular Upper Chassis
  • Optional Cable System that carries wheeled power unit further away
  • Optional Cable System that carries free standing control panel further away
  • Color optional manufacturing in the colors available
  • To be able to follow the working time with optional time counter
November 24, 2019